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Evel Knievel Car

Evel Knievel still probably reigns as the most famous motorcycle stunt man of all time. But if anyone can lay claim to second place, it’s got to be Travis Pastrana.

When Curtis Francois was 7 years old, he and his family went to see Evel Knievel perform stunts at what is. That’s a big motivation behind the inaugural St. Louis Speed Festival, beginning Friday.

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Robbie Knievel, the youngest son of the late daredevil Evel Knievel, was charged Wednesday with felony drunken driving and criminal endangerment after allegedly causing a four-car pile-up in Butte the.

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Evel Knievel was the motorcycle daredevil that motivated an entire generation of kids. Read the story of Evel Knievel and learn about his legacy.

In it, showed a book about Evel Knievel! My eyes bugged out of my head when I saw it. I didn’t even give him a chance to get out of the car when I asked if we could purchase a new Honda mini-bike.

America is in a debt crisis because of overspending and a huge deficit, like a car racing toward a cliff. Floor it and try to jump it like Evel Knievel. That’s right. We don’t stop, and we don’t sl.

Evel Knievel. Florida. Purchased Stutz after Snake River jump as gift for himself. In a press-release from about 1976, Stutz made the above statement. #2K 57Y 4P 162511 "The Auto Collections" tried to auction this car in 2001. In 2002, the car was bought by John Palermo, and in 2007, he decided to offer the car for sale, again.

The first jump will be the car jump. Evel’s best was 50 cars, and Pastrana will try to jump over 52 cars. The second jump will be the bus jump. Pastrana will attempt to surpass Evel’s best record of 14 Greyhound buses, by trying to jump over 16 buses.

Jumping 22 cars on an XR-750 ain’t easy. Just ask Evel Knievel! The same 22-car jump on an almost identical XR-750 will be attempted at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip during the rally’s 75th anniversary cel.

Other companies produced countless other Evel Knievel toys and novelties, including lunchboxes, bicycles, comic books, pillowcases, sheets, radios and model rockets. There was even an Evel Knievel electric toothbrush that was designed to look like the famous X-2 Skyrocket. Evel Knievel toys continued to be popular throughout the 1970s.

Evel Knievel’s motorcycle from Viva Knievel Harley Davidson XLCH Custom Sportster. This motorcycle was custom built by stuntman Bud Ekins for Warner Brothers studio. It was used in the 1977 film Viva Knievel. It features a custom fiberglass fairing with wings, a rocket shaped exhaust, and an.

One of Evel Knievel’s bikes, in particular a screen-use bike from 1977’s Viva Knievel, is heading to the auction block on January 7, 2016, at Bonhams Auctions.

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evel knievel stunt crash car set – rare vintage toy set – $125.00. up for sale is a vintage evel knievel stunt crash car set. the toy is in used played with condition. the box displays nicely on the shelf. the car has not been tested but it does have friction at the rear wheel. you will receive everything in the photos.

Evel Live, an unprecedented three-hour live event premiering Sunday, July 8 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT on HISTORY®. During the three-hour event Travis Pastrana will pay tribute to Evel Knievel by recreating three of Evel’s most iconic jumps.

Stutz Blackhawk 1974 #2K 57Y 4P 162511. first owner: Evel Knievel Evel Knievel, the famous stuntman, owned several Stutzes. This 1974 Blackhawk was for sale at "The Auto Collections"In late 2002, the car was sold. John Palermo bought the car.

Come next month’s Evel Knievel Days in the Mining City. the night he was arrested in April in Butte after he allegedly ran a red light, causing a four-car pile-up. He had been bar hopping and recal.

BUTTE — Robbie Knievel, the youngest son of the late daredevil Evel Knievel, was arrested for drunken driving. Knievel was driving a 2005 GMC Yukon at a high speed and was involved in a four-car wr.

Top Reasons Why Evel Knievel Kicks Travis Pastrana’s Ass. After 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps, 433 bone fractures and 9 years in his grave, Evel Knievel is still America’s greatest daredevil.

Evel Knievel’s Famous Snake River Canyon Jump Short | 02:30 On September 8th, 1974, famous daredevil Evel Knievel climbed into a steam-powered rocket and attempted to blast across Idaho’s Snake River Canyon.

BUTTE, Mont. — Robbie Knievel was arrested on suspicion of felony driving under the influence in Butte, Montana, the town his daredevil father Evel Knievel helped make famous. Police tell The Montana.

“I thought this would be just a really fun tribute to Evel Knievel,” says Pastrana, an X Games champion, an elite-level motorcycle and automobile racer and the star of onetime MTV series Nitro.

And, Evel Knievel was red-hot as well at the same time. AMF offered an entire line of Evel Knievel bikes from full-sized multi-speed models down to small two-wheelers and also three different trikes.

Evel Live, an unprecedented three-hour live event premiering Sunday, July 8 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT on HISTORY®. During the three-hour event Travis Pastrana will pay tribute to Evel Knievel by recreating three of Evel’s most iconic jumps.

BUTTE — Bryan Spangler shattered the world record for a reverse car jump at Evel Knievel Days in Butte Saturday, but his car also came six feet from smashing into a building where dozens of people sto.

. a dangerous attempt at an unsuccessful Evel Knievel world-record jump on the same bike that failed Evel and ultimately lead to his defeat. On Aug. 6, 2015, daredevil Doug Danger will attempt a 22-.

Left unstated was that the debt apparently involved promoting an event by 1970s’ daredevil stuntman Evel Knievel. "I know what it’s like to. "We lost our home. My car was repossessed in the drivewa.

History is taking the wraps off two major projects: the History 100, a set of 100 documentaries exploring the past 100 years, and a three-hour live event in July honoring daredevil Evel Knievel.

Robbie Knievel has said he’s a frickin’ drinking. According to law enforcement. Knievel — the son of the legendary Evel Knievel– caused a brutal 4-car pile up on a Montana road and fled the sc.

When he first attained notoriety, the artist Chris Burden found himself being compared to Evel Knievel, the showman who liked to leap. with its refrain of ‘Nail me to my car and I’ll tell you who y.

Knievel, the son of the legendary Evel Knievel, stood before Judge Brad Newman and said he was “definitely guilty” of endangering the individuals who were involved in a four-car pileup after he ran a.

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Being Evel is a documentary profiling America’s most famous daredevils Evel Knievel and his rise to international fame. Evel said he was inspired to get into stunts after he saw a car daredevil sho.

Evel Knievel was born Robert Craig Knievel on Oct. 17, 1938 in Butte, Montana. After a police chase in 1956, in which he crashed his motorcycle, Knievel was taken to jail on a charge of reckless driving.

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Travis Pastrana, the closest thing to a modern-day Evel Knievel, will pay tribute to the iconic daredevil this summer when he recreates three of Knievel’s most famed jumps: jumping the length of 52-plus crushed cars, jumping 16 Greyhound buses, and the Caesars Palace fountain jump that nearly killed Knievel.

When Eddie Braun was a little boy, he got a chance to meet his idol, Evel Knievel. The famed daredevil took the young. injury statistic at a broken back and collapsed pelvis from a car jump for an.

A 1970’s (circa mid 1970’s) TV commercial for the AMF Evel Knievel bikes made by the AMF Wheel Goods division – The Evel Knievel Hot Seat (similar to the 1970’s Hot Cycle and Big Wheel) and the Evel Knievel Motorcross Bike.